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An AI text-to-image that gives you endless results in real time. Try it!

No inspiration? Try these: A tiny frog on a leaf croaking melodiously

The only AI image generator you need

Images in real-time

Images in real-time

Keep scrolling for an endless stream of images

Pick style, color filters and perspective

Pick style, color filters and perspective

No need for long or complex prompts, just use the presets!

High-end textures and realism

High-end textures and realism

Skin tones, textures, details, everything is there

Introducing Freepik's AI image generator

If you feel like creating your own image instead of using one of our 140+ million stock images, you can certainly do that with our text-to-image AI.Thanks to artificial intelligence, you now have the power to turn your words and ideas into images!

An easy-to-use AI text to image

An easy-to-use AI text to image

Say goodbye to external platforms and complex prompts.Simply write your idea in straightforward terms and click your way through to your desired images using our preset styles, colors, and camera angles — all within Freepik's interface.

Get alternate versions with permutation prompts

Our AI image generator is easy to use, but it's also extremely powerful.Use permutations by adding pipes | to your prompts. You can use it multiple times in the same prompt.For example, writing “A (woman|man) standing in a (park|beach)” will generate images of a woman in a park, images of a man at the beach, as well every possible combination—woman in the beach, and man in the park.This way, you will have more resources to choose from, with a single prompt.

Generate photorealistic pictures

Generate photorealistic pictures

Use the “photo” style inside the generator to create pictures with amazing details, skin color, textures, bokeh, etc.In many cases you won't be able to tell the difference with a real photography.

Created with the AI image generator

Get inspired by the images generated by our text-to-image AI. Click on them to use the prompts.

How to create AI images


1. Enter your prompt and ratio

A short line or even a word will do. Then, just select the aspect ratio you need, don’t worry, you can change it later if you need to!

2. Customize it

You are already good to go with the previous step, but you can also select specific AI styles like photo, vintage, painting, etc. We have also created presets for colors, lighting and framing.

3. Save, download, upscale, or keep creating

If you like one or several images, you can save them in your profile, download them, upscale them, or explore additional versions by using the new “Reimagine” tool. Everything is just a click away.

More than just an AI image generator

Explore everything you can do with your AI-generated images

images of girl with a blue backpack in different styles generated by reimagine

See alternatives of an image. Different angles, styles, etc.

a colorful picture of an asian woman that upscaled with Freepik's Upscaler to improve its resolution

Upscale your image with a single click to get 2x or 4x their resolution using the image upscaler.

More tools and features coming soon! Want to test them before anyone? Become our AI partner.

Frequently asked questions

  • You have unlimited generations if you have a Premium suscription. If you use a free account, then you have a limit of 20 generations per day.
  • Artificial Intelligence can sound overwhelming and complex, but the tools are created to make their use as simple as possible. You don’t need to be a technical expert in order to use our AI image generator. Just play around with it and you will get good results super fast!
  • As intriguing and forward-thinking as this new technology is, it is still fresh out of the box, and the world's regulations still need to catch up. Such laws will also vary depending on what country you are in. This means it is the responsibility of the user to check the usability of AI-generated images, perhaps seeking professional advice before reproducing, distributing, displaying, or performing the content. However, it is in our utmost interest to keep you informed of further developments.
  • Check the prices for the Premium suscription here. With it, you have unlimited generations and downloads. It also gives you access to all our stock resources, tools, and much more.
  • Every AI model produces different results when given the same prompt. That's because each model's specific algorithms, parameters, and data can lead to diverse outcomes. And so, it is crucial to consider the design and specifics of each model to understand the variations they deliver and choose the most suitable approach for the creation you're after.
  • Simple but descriptive prompts will often give the best results. Here you can read a guide on how to create good prompts, it also includes examples!
  • Yes, you can use it on mobile, tablet and desktop. If you are going to use mobile, check out the Freepik App.
  • An image taken by a photographer takes skill, preparation, and an event to take place. The same applies to illustrations and designs created by designers. AI not only bypasses these long process but also opens up creative possibilities far beyond what was thought possible. By simply using descriptive language, technology now facilitates a lot of the work, enabling anyone to create images as specific as you like, and the results happen almost instantly. Besides, it’s a lot of fun!

If you need further information, please contact us