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Dream. Draw. Discover. Transform doodles into incredible images instantly!

Start sketching

Sketch to image powered by AI

Draw and sketch

Draw and sketch

Watch your doodles transform into images in real time.

Add icons and elements

Add icons and elements

No drawing skills? No problem! Use icons and shapes with a click.

Adjust the imagination level

Adjust the imagination level

Increasing imagination will make AI add more details.

Introducing Sketch to image

Introducing Sketch to image

This is the tool you need to make your doodles become stunning visuals!⁠Sketch to image is here to spark your creativity, making art not only accessible but incredibly fun and engaging.

AI drawing made easy

AI drawing tools simplify art creation, turning simple sketches into polished visuals in seconds, with no skills needed.This versatile tool caters to creators of all ages with its intuitive interface, screen sharing options, and live webcam functionality, making image creation more interactive and enjoyable than ever before!

Share videos of your drawing process

Share videos of your drawing process

Sketch to image isn’t just about the end result—it’s also about the creative journey behind it.

How to use Sketch to image?


1. Begin with a basic sketch

Start simple. Don’t worry about perfection; just get your idea onto the digital canvas. Add icons, color shapes or even upload images.

2. Describe your idea

Enter a prompt describing what you envision for your final image. This description will refine and bring your concept to life, and you can further enhance it using the Imagination slider.

3. Enhance and share

You are ready to go, now you can enhance your image or even share all your creative process by downloading a playback video with all the steps that led to your creation.

Make the most out of Sketch to image

You have your generated image from a sketch, but the journey doesn't end there

a colorful picture of an asian woman that upscaled with Freepik's Upscaler to improve its resolution

Upscale your image with a single click to get 2x or 4x their resolution using the image Upscaler.

images of girl with a blue backpack in different styles generated by reimagine

Get infinite variations of an image thanks to AI. Play with different subjects, styles, etc. in real time with Reimagine.

More tools and features coming soon! Want to test them before anyone? Become our AI partner.

Frequently asked questions

  • Sketch to image is a real-time drawing tool that uses innovative prompt-based technology to transform basic sketches into stunning visuals. It's designed to make art creation accessible, fun, and engaging for users of all ages, with a special emphasis on nurturing creativity.
  • To use Sketch to image, start with a simple sketch and describe your desired image with a prompt. The tool then interprets your sketch and prompt to generate a detailed visual. You can add icons, images, screen recordings or even live webcam feeds to amplify your creative process.
  • Sketch to image fosters creativity and imagination by making art creation accessible to everyone. It provides a simple, fun, and educational way for users to learn about art, composition, and technology, and it allows users to easily share their artistic journey, inspiring others with their progress and final works.
  • Absolutely! Sketch to image is designed to help users of all skill levels create beautiful images. With simple drawing aids and the ability to use prompts, anyone can create art that aligns with their vision, regardless of their initial drawing skills. Plus the possibility to add icons and images makes it extra-easy!
  • You can add icons to your drawings to save time and get more accurate results. Simply make a search and add as many icons as you need, you can also scale and rotate them. Your prompt will also be automatically updated to reflect the element you just added. It's that easy!
  • Sure, you can share your computer screen, a window or even your webcam. Creativity has no limits here, and you can generate interesting videos and images from other software on your computer or from a video taken with your webcam.
  • Yes, Sketch to image allows you to record your screen or share your process through a live webcam feed. This enables you to capture each step of your creative journey, preserving and sharing the progression from sketch to finished image.

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