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Introducing Freepik Reimagine

Introducing Freepik Reimagine

Generate infinite variations of any image you want in just a few seconds. Reimagine is a super intuitive tool for everyone.Your solution for creating never-seen-before visuals for posts, presentations, brochures, Stories, and much more.

Image to prompt

Image to prompt

The AI will analyze your image and generate a customizable prompt in seconds.Edit this prompt to match what you want to see, and you will get the images you need within seconds.

Variations in all styles

Variations in all styles

Select the All styles option to get extra-inspired.Reimagine will give you versions of your image in different trendy styles: cyberpunk, painting, vintage, and many, many more!

How can I use Reimagine?


1. Upload an image

You can also drag and drop it, paste a link, or use an image created with our AI image generator.

2. Customize your prompt

Change any of the underlined parts, or select the Custom option to enter your own changes.

3. Select one or all styles at once

Pick your favorite style or get all possible variations of your images by selecting the All styles option.

4. Add a final touch

Choose from a subtle, vivid, and wild imagination level to adjust the amount of details that the AI adds.

Get the most out of our image-to-image tool

Explore everything you can do with your AI-generated images

image of a hummingbird flying created with freepik's ai image generator
AI image generator

Create images with our AI image generator, then use Freepik Upscaler to add more textures and improve their quality directly from the interface!

a colorful picture of an asian woman that upscaled with Freepik's Upscaler to improve its resolution

Upscale your image with a single click to get 2x or 4x their resolution using the image upscaler.

More tools and features coming soon! Want to test them before anyone? Become our AI partner.

Frequently asked questions

  • Freepik Reimagine is an AI-powered tool designed to make variations of images.
  • Endless! With the real-time feature, you can generate infinite variations of the same image. However, if you're using the Freepik free version, you'll be limited to reimagining up to 5 images daily.
  • Premium users can modify prompts, either by tweaking suggested elements or crafting entirely unique ones. Additionally, select from a range of styles to apply to your variations. Lastly, adjust the level of imagination to control the AI's creative output.
  • You can select which style you want to apply to the generations from an extended and varied list. You can apply them all at once with “All styles” or not apply any of them and set your own styles in the Custom Prompt.
  • The Imagination buttons indicate how much creativity the AI applies to your generations. There are three buttons, Subtle, Vivid and Wild, which incorporate variations on the original image based on the Custom Prompt and selected Style. Custom prompt is a Premium feature.
  • Yes, you can save and download your generated image variations, so you can use them in your projects or share them with others.

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