Enjoy the versatility of sports photos

This collection of images related to sports will be your best asset. The main feature of these photographs is their versatility: use them as part of your website, to design campaigns, as a teaching re...Show more

This collection of images related to sports will be your best asset. The main feature of these photographs is their versatility: use them as part of your website, to design campaigns, as a teaching resource, as a desktop wallpaper, and even as a poster to decorate the walls of your gym. You’ll always find the perfect resource to fulfill your needs.

Use our sports photos to create original designs

If originality is your trademark, sports photographs will be your best ally. Feel the heat of the competition by simply looking at these vivid images and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Utilize them for any project, they will enhance any of your designs. Are you ready to succeed thanks to this innovative and fresh collection of sports pictures?

Add sports resources to improve your creations

Get now the most creative and high-quality sports resources to make a powerful impact on your creations. Dumbbells, runners, tennis players, and athletes protagonize these images. They’ll help you represent whatever you want to convey in a visual way: create a brochure, launch a campaign, improve your website, or design a poster to promote your company. The possibilities are endless.

Customize your desktop with our sports pictures

Your desktop will never be the same. Browse this collection of resources and get the most energetic images of different sports, athletes, sportsmen, and sportswomen. No matter if you love football or tennis, there are plenty of images depicting any type of sport that you may imagine. All the photographs have been hand-picked by our experts, so you can enjoy every pixel.


How to take good sports pictures?

Taking good sports pictures can be tricky, but you can become a pro following some simple tips. The first one will be learning the rules of the game. You’ll be unable to take good pictures if you don’t know the ways in which players move, what is the usual type of angle employed to get the best shot and so on. You must also learn that flash won’t help you; they will rather distract the players.

What do you need to be a sports photographer?

The better piece of advice you’ll get to become a good sports photographer is to practice once and again. Also, we recommend you to know your camera and use it fast. Otherwise, you’ll miss plenty of cool moments. Learning the rules of the game will help you know what to expect and what to photograph. In addition, upgrading your camera can be a very good idea too.

5 Sports team photo ideas

Taking a picture of a whole team can be challenging, but there are a few ideas to get the best shots. Take a portrait picture of each of the members of the team using the same illumination and then line them up in a collage. The result is a powerful image. Second, squeeze them together and take the shot from above, it’s simply astonishing. If you prefer wider shots, line the players conforming a V shape. Add a different shot asking the team to sit down in the grandstands while doing something different, like playing with basketballs. Lastly, give a go to vertical team portraits. Isn’t it cool?

Freepik’s sports photos of the year

The best sports pictures of the year highlight the benefits of exercising and the willpower of players and athletes. Find the most powerful and energetic sports images in this Freepik collection. It includes high-quality images of runners, yoga positions, or basketball and football players. Bright colors, mysterious lights, and different effects create an environment that is full of life.

What are the 3 types of sports photography?

There are three different types of sports photograph: graphical, emotion, and action photos. Graphical photos are those that depict little details. They narrate the story behind the game, giving you a lot of information. Emotion photographs look forward to capturing the players’ emotions when they score a goal, for instance. Lastly, action photos have to do with movement: jumps, finish lines… All the interesting actions are captured by the photograph.