Industry and technology photos for your business

Images are essential for your business, providing an image of success while also providing a clear direction for business goals. However, business sectors such as industry and technology require close...Show more

Images are essential for your business, providing an image of success while also providing a clear direction for business goals. However, business sectors such as industry and technology require closer attention. With technology at its peak and climbing ever higher, imagery needs to represent its highly evolved status and also capture the imaginations of a group of people whose IQs are through the roof. This specialist type of imagery is here and available for the very purpose of keeping the most complex minds captivated.

Thousands of technological & industrial pictures

An entire community of specialist photographers on Freepik provides countless technological and industrial images every day, pushing what’s possible and keeping up with current trends. With that said, you are in for a treat as you scroll through a never-ending library of truly remarkable images that will inspire and have your audience wanting more, from the sparks of industry to the atoms of technology.

Add a futuristic feeling to your project

Industry is always looking to the future, so why not provide them with the foundations to envision a dream in some form of reality, setting the imagination free with utopia-inspired imagery. Sectors such as technology and science will benefit greatly, inspiring their audience in a way that leads them to read on or visualize an unimaginable concept. Imagery can also help gain momentum as we look to a greener future, where such sectors will play a major role.

Enhance your corporation presentations with our resources

Something as technical as an industrial or technology presentation deserves some super high-resolution color to dazzle a highly intelligent audience or perhaps even educate. In addition, sectors such as finance in the corporate world also like to captivate their audience in the same way. To the uneducated, numbers and figures can be enough to have many of us fall asleep. You can tackle this with the plentiful resources found on Freepik.


How are industrial photos made?

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to photography. However, one particular photo that does well to represent industry is a laborer welding or using a circular saw. Such a photo is created using shutter speed and aperture calibrated to capture the flying sparks in an environment of low light, often using the sparks themselves as the light source to capture the harsh atmosphere and the hard edges of the laborer’s protective gear. The digital image is then processed using software such as Photoshop to tweak the image, clean it up and use color correction until the photo has reached the desired standard.

How to choose engaging technological photos?

When looking through Freepik’s resource library, you might be wondering what you should pick amongst thousands of amazing pictures. You can narrow your search by starting from the brand’s perspective. This can determine the colors and the feel the brand already has in place. What comes next is context. The image could be supporting an idea or something educational, therefore would need to fit certain criteria for the image to make any sense.

What are industrial photos used for?

From showing off the sheer might of industry to simply showcasing a safe work environment, industrial photos are a powerful tool for such a vast industry. It is also a sector that is expanding at an alarming rate, and revealing innovations through the power of photography provides proof and reassurance. We also live in a very safety-conscious world, and today it is very common to see pictures of laborers wearing personal protective equipment or PPE. These images provide customers and colleagues with further reassurance.

How to download free technology images?

Freepik has made it simple and easy for anybody to download free technology images from the resource library. The only thing you need to do is sign up, providing your email address and password. You will then have access to the resource library, where you can search your desired content using keywords such as Technology. Filtering out the free images is as simple as clicking on the Free option found under license in the left-hand filter bar, select an image and press the download button. It’s as simple as that!