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From takeaway menus to larger-than-life billboard campaigns, food photography is the cutting edge of still-life photography, alluring us to quench our thirst or satisfy a craving that perhaps wasn’t...Show more

From takeaway menus to larger-than-life billboard campaigns, food photography is the cutting edge of still-life photography, alluring us to quench our thirst or satisfy a craving that perhaps wasn’t even there. These state-of-the-art images will lift your projects to the next level, capturing the attention of followers on social media and potentially sowing the seeds of your food marketing campaigns where there are no limits.

Add a delicious touch with our original photos

You can almost hear the pan still sizzling these photos are so fresh. The power of photography is found at the end of your fingertips as you guide your mouse through the countless original and delicious images that exist for one purpose, to ignite the taste buds of your target audience. Improvise your designs with a stone-baked pizza or a carefully crafted paella or try your chances with a caesar salad and watch your potential customers’ tongues hit the floor!

Millions of drinks & food pictures perfect for your web

With a whole community of food-loving photographers uploading high-resolution photos to Freepik each day, it’s no surprise that there will be the perfect feature image for your web projects. And with a search optimization tuned to perfection, you can find exactly what you desire in quick succession, saving you time to spend elsewhere, perhaps building the rest of your website. Release your flavors to the world!

Add engaging and popular cuisine pictures to your projects

To get the maximum potential out of your catering design projects, you need to think about using high-quality and professional cuisine pictures to keep engagement at its peak. Using popular images found in Freepik’s photo resource library will get you the attention you need with tried and tested resources just itching to get on your projects. Of course, the more popular the image, the more likely the trend will continue to light up your creations.


How to choose best images of foods and drinks for a project?

Depending on your project, you will need to identify what your image represents. Of course, there is a variety of cuisines and beverages to choose from. Loud or quiet? This is determined by what kind of food or establishment the image is for. Fast food tends to be loud and in your face, whereas restaurants go for the more subtle use of visual language. For the image to tie in with the rest of your design project, color and tone are to be taken into consideration. These characteristics should resonate with other elements in the composition, effectively creating a balance, otherwise known as Fung Shui.

What are the most popular drink images?

The most popular drinks that keep getting the most attention are the more exotic drinks, such as cocktails and white wines. The laid-back feel these drinks deliver is probably down to their alcoholic contents and perhaps reminds us that relaxation is only around the corner, if we so wish. However, not all the top spots are alcoholic drinks. Coffee has always been a favorite. The image of coffee goes far beyond just a pretty picture, as coffee has its very own subculture. From coffee bean to cafe culture, it has become an iconic and civilized beverage.

Why are food and drink images so engaging and popular?

Since food and beverage have a natural hold on us, that is to say we genuinely need to eat and drink to wake up the next day. It comes as no surprise that when a tasty roast dinner is dangled in front of us, it will most certainly set off the chemical reactions in our bodies to satisfy thirst and hunger. In addition, fast food culture has beefed up its interaction with consumers, using high-impact marketing strategies to engage with us on levels never seen before and have surged their way into modern-day society.

What are the most popular food images?

Although your dietician may be a little upset by this, the most popular food images aren’t always the most healthy. Burgers and pizzas tip the bar when it comes to the most popular. This is down to their sheer popularity and heightened fast food culture. It’s hard to resist the sight of melted cheese and those delicious toppings. Another type of food that is gaining popularity at an alarming rate is vegan food. With millions of people changing their attitudes towards food in general, this wave of cultural change has seen the image of plant-based foods rise to the top of the food chain.