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It’s a constant battle keeping young students focussed on important educational presentations. They can be dreary at best! So let’s keep the engagement at its peak, introducing stunning, high-reso...Show more

It’s a constant battle keeping young students focussed on important educational presentations. They can be dreary at best! So let’s keep the engagement at its peak, introducing stunning, high-resolution photos to your presentations. Finding an image that helps deliver a message, explain a situation, or even make a young audience laugh has never been so easy. Let’s make education fun for both students and teachers.

Millions of pictures to use on your educational projects

That’s right. There are millions of verified images neatly categorized, driven by powerful search optimization to help find what you need quickly and with no fuss. All photos are selected through a rigorous selection process, giving you confidence in your search for something unique while keeping to a tasteful high standard, ideal for your educational projects in the classroom no matter what age group.

Catch everybody’s attention with cool learning resources

It’s common knowledge that learning can be a bit dull for some. From presentations to educational books and apps, it’s important to keep your audiences fixated on the page. One way to keep a heightened sense of engagement, is to use visually appealing learning resources. Cool energetic characters, shapes, and even graphs can really anchor in the learning experience, delivering for everyone.

Original pictures to communicate so much in just seconds

In the case of education, sometimes it helps to have a visual cue to support the subject matter. It’s this type of engagement where photos really cut through to audiences, communicating situations, explanations or metaphors in seconds. Also, some students learn differently from others, preferring visual learning opposed to written, giving everyone a chance to excel in their favorite subjects and perhaps even boosting enthusiasm.


Where to find high quality educational images?

Head over to Freepik’s resource library and type educational into the search bar. Proceed to click on Photo in the left filter bar, and your adventure will begin. Searching for something more specific? No problem. Freepik’s search optimization works using keywords. Simply adding more specific descriptions will narrow down your search, helping you find something a little more unique and interesting. Premium members will benefit from a higher download cap per day and also have access to premium content.

How can you use educational images?

Educational images are used in many ways to benefit communication and engagement for a more effective learning experience. In the more general sense, books are a standard method where images and graphics are used to support problems and scenarios, such as bringing a mathematical problem to life using images. Perhaps there is something that needs more than words to explain a situation. Science is a great example. It’s difficult to describe the universe for some, so simply providing an image of the galaxy could help deliver on your promise.

What makes learning images engaging?

Some of the most interesting images ever taken are used for educational purposes. As designers look into ways to keep educational content as thrilling and educational as possible, it becomes inevitable that the photos chosen for subjects like science, math, and even geography are as engaging as things get. The explosion of a supernova, the symmetry of a leaf, or the scale of the wall of China are all captivating images yet serve a purpose to educate. As long as such images are fueling the desire to learn, they are doing their job.

How to download free education images?

Freepik has made it simple and easy for anybody to download free educational images from the resource library. The only thing you need to do is sign up, providing your email address and password. You will then have access to the resource library, where you can search your desired content using keywords such as Education. Filtering out the free images is as simple as clicking on the Free option found under license in the left-hand filter bar, select an image and press the download button. It’s as simple as that!