The Freepik Calendar of holidays and events

Welcome to our festivities and event calendar, home to all the celebrations you can think of! We have gone that extra mile in breaking down each festivity and event, giving you insightful knowledge about each occasion, and providing you with practical resources to equip you in designing striking themes that will be sure to impress anyone!


January, a chance to turn a new leaf looking towards a prosperous future, putting to practice the teachings of the previous year.


The month of Aquarius is a month like no other, adding an extra day every 4 years makes it unique! Let's see what else we can discover!


Named after the Roman God of War, it's a month not to mess with. However, as the gateway month into spring, perhaps it's hiding a more serene identity.


Representing the Greek Goddess of Love, April is the month of spring, the rebirth of our natural world and all the colors that come with it.


The month of Gemini is the time of the year we can all enjoy the flourishing foliage and stronger sun. What else does May have to offer?


The month of the equinox will bring the longest day, time to get your garden shears out and pluck those ripened tomatoes. It is also wedding season!


In the hottest month of the year, you can smell the dried-out grass in the air, perhaps picturing yourself floating on a lily, July's birth flower.


The world welcomes the summer harvest, the bees are working hard, and the flowers are stirring the air with their fragrance. What else can we find?


Named after the roman sword, the Septem, it's the month that brings us back to reality, as school doors reopen and the sun begins to retreat.


The time of the year for a romantic stroll in the park, a chance to gaze at the beautiful colors of autumn leaves as they peacefully hit the ground


We welcome Topaz, the November birthstone that symbolizes friendship. It's time to huddle together around the fire as we head into winter chill.


As we reach the end of the solar cycle, we reflect with our families in a time of festive cheer as we part from one year and onto the next.