The best Business and Marketing photos for your projects

Photography is the front line of Business and Marketing visual communication, and with so much healthy competition out there, only the best photography available will do. Make your dreamt-up marketing...Show more

Photography is the front line of Business and Marketing visual communication, and with so much healthy competition out there, only the best photography available will do. Make your dreamt-up marketing campaign a reality, sourcing perfect images to build a strong connection with your target audience while giving your campaign drive and definition. Let’s unleash your business potential.

Improve your branded content

If success is what you’re after, quality must be a constant. Never has it been so relevant to raise the quality of your images, especially on the subject of business. Avoid the cringe of discolored, pixelated, and undersized images using a source you can trust. Sourcing high-quality photos will elevate your brand’s identity, providing the confidence to zoom in that little closer.

Add original & surprising photos to your web and presentations

You don’t see that every day! Make an interaction something to remember by stumbling across a truly unique photo. It’s a rarity to find something original these days, so our senses are heightened to detect the startling, the funny, and the obscure in the hope that it causes a welcomed reaction. This is a clever way to create engagement on a website or keep an audience focused on a presentation.

Design and launch your projects faster

With such biblical numbers, it is hard to imagine just how many photos you have available at your fingertips. How do you find the one for you? With a powerful search engine, you’ll be able to bypass hours of searching with pinpoint accuracy, acquiring the perfect image for you and your projects while saving valuable time for something else.


How to make my business photos stand out

Picking the right photograph is key to enhancing its impact on your audience. The colors, atmosphere, and lifestyle the photo portrays should resonate with the brand’s identity, expressing professionalism in all aspects of a business. If you have the right image but are unsatisfied with its finish, then editing is always a possibility. Perhaps altering the image to black and white, upping the contrast, or even creating a border might give the image more impact.

Why images are important in business?

In the world of short attention spans and people reading less, businesses have seconds to communicate with their people of interest. This is a situation where words just won’t cut it. Images, however, have the power to tell a story, provide answers, and portray a lifestyle in seconds in a way that can relate to the audience, sometimes on a personal level. Images are vital to business.

How to take good marketing photos

To take good marketing photos, you need to understand the bigger picture. In all cases, you will need to think about the orientation of your image, landscape, portrait, or square. Will there be supporting text or other elements in the final edit? Think of these potential outcomes when taking your shots, moving the subject around the frame, and even standing back. Light is very important too! If natural light is not available, then perhaps purchasing a lighting rig will benefit your project. Good lighting will essentially provide more detail.

How to edit photos for marketing

In any case, we hope that the photo you are editing is good enough and that not too much work needs to be done. However on the path to perfection, this is usually not the case. To meet the brand guidelines or the requirements for a marketing campaign, you will likely need to crop your image to the correct size and orientation. Clean up the image using the Clone tool, disposing of any unwanted marks, and smooth out dirty areas. Altering the color map, upping the contrast, and sharpness are other ways to reach a satisfactory result.

Is it illegal to photoshop real estate photos?

It is illegal to mislead potential buyers when purchasing property, so using tools such as Photoshop are to be used with caution. Changing the state of the photograph by erasing or adding elements, distorting the photograph to make rooms seem bigger, or even upping the exposure could be a potential violation unless the editing has been disclosed. Honesty is the best policy, especially in the housing market. Undeveloped properties, on the other hand, rely on digital concepts to sell what the property may look like, using high-quality rendered digital images to sell a property of the future.